R. Adam Darriau, general contractor and designer since 1978.

As a contractor, Adam has familiarized himself with many environmental design professions such as industrial design, architecture, landscape architecture, drafting, and related trades. Adam has devoted himself to developing and executing difficult, one-of-a-kind projects for more than 30 years.  He has worked closely with design firms, subcontractors and consultants for all phases and systems associated with commercial and residential construction. Adam has worked and studied under many notable architects and designers.

The first ten years of Adam’s career he worked for speculation builders and developers on affordable housing projects. In the naval architecture industry he worked as a millwright and trim fitter for yacht interiors. For the last twenty years Adam has worked in high-end residential home building as a casework foreman, draftsman, designer, and recruiter. He has a particular appreciation for well-studied landscapes and interiors. Since 1996 Adam has been honing his skills as an estimator for local San Francisco Bay Area construction companies.

RAD services include:

•Site Analysis for out-of-state Architects.

•Pre-Construction Exploratory Budgets and Scheduling.

•Carpentry, and other highly skilled trades, and crafts.

•We use only the best subcontractors for the best value at competitive prices.

•Construction Administration, Layout, and Supervision.

•Billing Reviews.

For owner occupied projects Adam often has an onsite presence.

Many RAD Projects are not available for publication on the Internet. We will add other projects as they become available.

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Contact Adam at:  radarriau@mac.com


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Adam encourages a formal, sustainable design and building process.